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Downloads and support Bedrock TalkBox BTB65

You can download documents and files related to the Bedrock BTB65 TalkBox here. If you cannot find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Bedrock TalkBox BTB65 supports calibration of the touch sensor. The calibration procedure is accessible through the "settings" menu, which can be entered when the device boots. This procedure is only needed in the unlikely event that the alignment of the touch sensor has been shifted. In those cases you will experience the following: if you touch a button, the touch region is a little different from where the button is displayed. 

We strongly recommend to NEVER start the touch screen calibration procedure, unless you experience the issue described above.

The effect of inaccurate or mistaken screen touches while in touch calibration mode may render the device inoperable. If this happens, the device can only be reset at the factory. The TalkBox firmware is programmed to reject inaccurate touch screens responses while in calibration mode, but this protection has been found insufficiently effective against certain sequences of incorrect touch responses.

If you do have to perform touch calibration:

  • Always use a stylus. The Talkbox is designed to be operated without one, but just for touch calibration a stylus is necessary.
  • Touch the indicated marks precisely in the middle and keep the mark pressed until the input is accepted. 
  • If you have accidentally pressed the marks multiple times, or if you suspect that the input may be incorrect, do not confirm the calibration by pressing the final mark in the middle. Instead, disconnect power and restart the procedure completely. 
  • In particular, disconnect and restart immediately if the TalkBox appears to be accepting input data  as valid ("OK") while you are not pressing a mark at all.

 General documentation (no registation needed)


 Tools and resources

The following loudspeaker directivity files (to be used with modeling software) are currently availabe:


Firmware updates

The TalkBox firmware can only be updated at the factory, as recalibration may be necessary as a result of updating. Contact us for support.


 Sneak Preview



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