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Bedrock AM100

Bedrock AM100

Class 1 acoustic instruments, redefined

The Bedrock AM100 is our brand new flagship instrument. With its sleek and rugged alloy-and-glass design it is certainly an eye-catcher – but more importantly, it is a very powerful and full-featured class 1 instrument. From wireless connectivity over Bluetooth and Wifi to a second input channel and a built-in signal generator, the AM100 has it all.

Our SMxx product line

Our SMxx product line

A measuring tool for every budget and application

The Bedrock brand stands for high-quality, high-end measuring equipment for acoustics and professional audio. Our products combine the ease of use of a smartphone with the highest professional and scientific standards of performance and accuracy. Our devices are designed by our own team of scientists and engineers, and built in our own production facility in the Netherlands.  

Intuitive touch interfaces

Intuitive touch interfaces

Professional measuring instruments, made as easy to use as a smartphone

Too many measuring instruments require extensive training and hours of practice, just to get the hang of the user interface. Bedrock devices are different: easy to use and easy to learn. The experience of working with our instruments is similar to working with a smartphone - but always knowing that you have the power of a professional measuring instrument at your finger tips.

The ultimate speech intelligibility meter

The ultimate speech intelligibility meter

Made by the inventors of STIPA

STIPA has become the industry standard for measuring speech intelligibility.  The Bedrock SM50 STIPA meter is the device that many have been waiting for: finally a STIPA meter that is accurate, reliable and affordable at the same time! Designed from scratch by the very team that invented STIPA.

An acoustic test signal source you can bring anywhere

An acoustic test signal source you can bring anywhere

The Bedrock BTB65 TalkBox

Whether it is for STIPA testing, measuring loudspeaker transfer functions or reverberation times: you'll always need an acoustic test signal source. The Bedrock BTB65 is small and light, but it packs an impressive punch: not just as a simulated talker, but also (through is balanced line-out) as an electric test signal source.  

Worldwide support and warranty

Worldwide support and warranty

We're there if you need us

Whether or not we have a local distributor or agent in your region, we'll be there for you when you need us. Regardless of what time zone you are in, most questions are answered (and most issues are solved) within 24 hours. Also, all products are covered by our extensive worldwide pick-up&return warranty programme.


The brand new Bedrock AM100

Visit our booth at Infocomm 2024 in Orlando

On 12-14 June, the annual infocomm exhibition will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Once again, Bedrock will be there. Visit our booth (number C10023) to learn about the newest developments and features. If you have not seen the Bedrock AM100 in real life yet, this is your opportunity.

You can register as an attendee through this link. Use our VIP code BED500 to get free entrance to the show floor.

We will launch our new product at InfoComm, which has been nominated for Best in Show. We're not going to spoil the surprise yet... come see us at Infocomm and find out which new product we are introducing!



Our new flagship instrument: the Bedrock AM100.

 For those of you who knew we were working on this: we're sorry to have kept you waiting! But the final result will not disappoint. The Bedrock AM100 continues the development of easy-to-use and versatile measuring tools, progressing several steps at once.  Its design, based on glass and alloy parts, is eye-catching as well as extremely durable. The 4" high-resolution capacitive touch display makes the device extremely easy to work with.

We added many new features, such as wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and Wifi), a second input channel, a headset jack and an internal signal generator. We also upgraded the specs in every possible way, from dynamic range to internal storage space and battery life.

We could talk about the AM100 for hours, but you should really see it for yourself - our distributors and dealers are happy to tell you all about this new product, and so is our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. More information about the AM100 is also found here.



Acoustic calibrators are now added to our product line-up


Acoustic calibrators enable you, as a user of acoustic measuring instruments, to verify the level calibration of your instrument, and make adjustments if needed. It is considered "good laboratory practice" to do this before and after every measuring session. Even though our microphones are exceedingly stable, it is still a good idea to adopt this measure as a precaution.

We offer two product versions: BAC1 and BAC2 (respectively for class 1 and class 2 devices). The devices are easy to operate and require very little maintenance. Each device comes with a calibration certificate issued by an external accredited laboratory. The Bedrock BAC2 (class 2 version) comes complete with an adapter for our standard class 2 microphone (BAMT2).




Introducing e-learning and user forums

Since we started publishing our short explainer videos, many Bedrock users have asked for more in-depth and elaborate tutorials and training materials. We are happy to oblige – please have a look at our brand new e-learning modules! These are part of the Bedrock Community website.

Once you register, you will have access to specific e-learning modules which show you all the details related to working with the SMxx or the AM100. There is a separate module for speech intelligibility measurements.

Also part of the Bedrock community website: brand new user forums! Place questions, remarks and interact with other Bedrock users as well as our developers and support team.



Firmware 3.2 for the AM100 has been released

In our continuous process of improving and expanding the firmware for our meters, we have added new modules and functions to the AM100. As always, the upgrade to firmware 3.2 is free and available to all users.

This update is especially good news for users of the building acoustics modules and users with an interest in environmental acoustics (logging modules). New features include:

  • Two new modules for measuring impact noise (L'nT and L'nTw)
  • A comprehensive logging module for environmental acoustics, combining 1/3 octave logging with percentiles and all the usual broadband levels
  • Several national/local standards for various purposes (e.g. DIN15905-5 for monitoring of live sound levels in Germany).

We also implemented improvements to various modules. Also, as usual, we gladly incorporated feedback from users who pointed out minor glitches and inefficiencies in the user interface. We also fixed some minor bugs and enhanced the stability of the USB interface during transfer of large amounts of data.

From version 3.2 onwards, we will synchronize firmware releases between the AM100 and the SM90/SM50. Firmware 3.2 is currently only available as a beta release for the SM90, but will be formally released in the near future.

The update package for the AM100 can be downloaded here (note that logging in is no longer required).  The manual has also been updated. 

Your feedback  and bug reports are (as usual) gratefully received and used towards future updates.

If standard devices don't cut it, simply get a Bedrock device customized!

The Bedrock philosophy is simple: anything we build is designed to be easily customized. Take our digital signal processor, the DSP500 series. Even the standard model comes with plenty of options. But since we've built this around our own signal processing chip, our BSP64, there's nothing you could think of that our team cannot make.

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