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The story of Bedrock Audio

The story behind Bedrock Audio: where do we come from, and what sets us apart?

The brand new Bedrock AM100

Have a look at our latest and most advanced Class 1 instrument

Doing acoustic measurements with your Bedrock meter

A quick runthrough of the basics of acoustic measurements. Get the most out of your Bedrock meter!

Measuring sound levels


Sound pressure levels are perhaps the most common type of acoustic measurement. This video explains how to set up your Bedrock meter for those measurements.

Speech intelligibility testing with the Bedrock SM50 or SM90

Getting started with the Speech Transmission Index using your Bedrock meter

Room acoustics measurements


The acoustics of a room are usually quantified in terms of the background noise and reverberation time. This video shows how to measure these metrics with your Bedrock meter.

Measuring airborne sound insulation (building acoustics)


In this short video, we explain how to use the Bedrock meter to measure the insulation of partitions between rooms inside a building.

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